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new sand wedge increased hitting surface

This Golf Club Belongs In Your Bag!

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Sand Wedge With Increased Hitting Surface!

Sand Wedge Widened Bottom Wedge 56° 60°

Item No.: SG004 / · Color: gold, black, blue / · degrees: 56 ° 60 °

Club length: 56° sand bar: 89.535 cm, 60° sand bar: 88.9 cm


1. Increase the hitting surface, the hit rate is high, the ball pitch is easy to control

2. CNC face groove, increased the reverse rotation, landing the ball stop

3. Widening the bottom surface, increased the bounce effect

Material: High-quality stainless steel ·Packing size: (single) 100*11*6

Weight: net weight 0.45KG

Flex: R
Dexterity: Right-Handed
Club Type: Wedges
Shaft Material: Steel