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Mini Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

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Flexible Sponge Octopus Mini Tripod With Bluetooth Remote Shutter!

iPhone Tripod Features:

1. universal mobile phone stand/camera Tripod

2. can rotate at 360 degrees and support mobile phones below 5.5 inches (Universal)

3. on both sides and the middle soft sponge has the protection of mobile phone are not scratch effect

4. universal built-in spring switch controls the size of the fixture so that different products can be placed


Installation instructions:

1, pull the jig, put the cell phone into the fixture, and then let go, use the built-in spring to clamp the handset

2, open 3 feet, while stretching the length of the stent, adjust to the required height

3, turn the angle of the mobile phone, select the angle, then lock the positioning screw.