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camping survival kit
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Tactical Survival Kit For Outdoor Activities

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Camping, Hiking, First Aid & Survival Kit!

What's included: 

1: Screwdriver tools
2: SOS Flashlight ( 3 functions)
3: Self-defense Tactical pen
4: Tactical multifunctional folding knife
5: Golden compass
6: Anti-insect emergency blanket
7: Whistle
8: Water Bottle Clip
9: 14 in 1 Multifunctional Saber Card
10: mini keychain flashlight
11: Wire saw
12: multifunctional paracord wristband with 6 function
13: Tactical bag
    Tourist kit set: Survival gear garget
    Survival first aid kit: Survival tactical folding knife black
    5 in 1 knife: camping, Travel, adventure, survival, and other emergencies.
    Multi-tools outdoor: multifunctional survival wristband
    Survival garget: Outdoor camping travel kit equipment.